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The Selection BOOK REVIEW! (For All The Girls Who Wanted To Be Princesses.)

The-Selection-900-600Imagine America years from now becoming another country ruled by kings and queens, and one lucky girl out of 35 will be chosen to become to princess of  Illea if the prince chooses her as a future wife. Sounds like the dream of a lifetime, but it sure isn’t for America Singer who’s casted as a number 5 because her family are all suppose to be artist. She is 3 away from the lowest of social statuses, that is until she is one of the chosen to compete in the selection.

I picked this book up at the airport, on my flight from Mexico City to New York and I was glued to it and I finished it just before I landed. The book starts out with American Singer receiving the letter to join “The Selection.” Her mother and sister are in awe, this might just be the chance for them never to go hungry again. It’s simple, all America Singer has to do is make the prince fall in love with her, and her family has a life time of riches. Her father is more lean towards his daughters happiness, and her brother hasn’t decided what he wants to be, but he sure doesn’t want to be an artist.

It would all be great if America wasn’t in love with Aspen. Aspen is in a caste beneath her, they are the servants of  the 3’s, 2’s and 1’s, and his family is big that they barley have enough to eat. I liked Aspen when we first meet him in the tree house, he seems like a sincere guy who really cares about his family. However Aspen doesn’t like that America likes to give him food, and he can’t offer her anything more then the lifestyle of a 6, which to him is embarrassing because he’s the man in the relationship. Aspen tells America she should join the selection, they break up, and America is chosen as one of the 35 selected. Honestly this book was better then I expected, America is like any other typical YA female protagonist, she can’t choose between Aspen her first love, or Prince Maxon the prince who isn’t your average snobby prince.



America Singer, she’s a poor girl living in a country now called Illea that seems to be going through a political crisis where the northern and southern rebels don’t seem to like Illea and are constantly attacking it. She’s in love with Aspen her first love, however she knows no one will approve of it because he is a lot poorer.

I could tolerate America because of how kind she was, I liked that she doesn’t see the difference in peoples caste, and she’s friendly even though she’s shy. I like that even though she lives in a totally different time, she’s still insecure and as a young girl you can compare a lot to her character. What I don’t like is her typical ” I can’t choose what guy I love, and know I’m suffocating so I’m constantly going to walk in the garden” situation. Like baby, you got two good men, but honest we know Prince Maxon has your heart! How can he not?

Aspens character I adored, he was sweet and he cared for America. However I hated how he thought badly about himself, and how if he wanted to keep America he shouldn’t have broken up with her in the first place. I understand he wanted whats best for her, but when it comes to love you don’t just push her into another mans arms, that’s a no-no. I sort of knew Aspen would return into America’s life, but I didn’t think his presence in the castle would bother me.

Prince Maxon, I think the last fictional character i fell in love with was with Edward Cullen? But he’s not your typical Prince. He’s very sweet and proper, he’s smart, and he’s not very sure of himself when it comes to girls and rebel attacks. During his “relationship” with America I thought he was funny, adorable, and the best thing is he was always her friend before anything else.

The romance of this book is flawless, and I’m look forward to reading the second part of the series. It’s so elegant and I just want to own America’s whole wardrobe!

When Harry Met Sally (Movie Review For Those Best Friends Who Fall In Love)


I would like to do movie reviews, it’s like a book review but for motion pictures, and I know that most of you should watch movies, good movies. I like to write reviews I notice, I also review on goodreads, and yelp, and now here. I spend my time critizing places, and objects like it’s my job.

When Harry Met Sally, I heard about this movie because I’m from New York. The popular Katz diner scene, is in the famous Katz Delicatessen. The story is about Harry and Sally and how they both leave Chicago after graduating from their university and head to New York together. During the car ride to New York Harry and Sally hit it off to a very awkward start when Harry compliments Sally and Sally takes it as if Harry’s hitting on her, then she says to him that she wants to be friends which Harry’s response too as “A guy can’t be friends with a girl he finds attractive because they will remotely want to have sex.” This is where it leaves off until 5 years later that they meet again.

During the second meeting Harry is about to get married, and Sally started dating a guy as well. However 5 more years later on their third encounter they have been left and heartbroken by the same people, which brings them together into an unexpected friendship where they are able to talk their feelings out and feel comfortable with each other. The famous Katz Deli scene really explains how easy and open Harry and Sally have become with each other. Of course like all stories you start to see feelings develop between the to characters.

This is a very easy movie, it’s simple. You get the idea that Harry and Sally are meant to be together, and you see the process of their friendship to lovers clearly. It’s a movie where the characters talk a lot, and theirs not much action, just simple dialect of two lovely people and their friends who don’t really play a major role but they are there.  When Harry Met Sally is a good movie for those who love romantic comedies, or just want to watch a movie with your other half. I think I expected a little more from this flick then what i was given, but I wasn’t disappointed.

Children’s Books (List #1): Learning to Read Aloud To Your Child.

I grew up in a library, most of my friends would consider this a horrible way to spend my early childhood when I could’ve been outside playing in the playground, but the truth is my mom took me to the library because that was where I wanted to be. I went to the playground too, but it wasn’t as fun as reading a number of different books on the shelves and taking some home. So i’ll be writing a list of books for the early readers that I’ve been collecting for my future children. These books I’ve reread them now that i’m older (yes I still read kid books at the age of twenty) and I feel their appropriate and fun to read.



1. The Story of Ferdinand By Munro Leaf

This is a classic on my book shelf and my favorite children’s book because it tells the story of a young bull name Ferdinand who since being a little calve use to sit and smell flowers why other little calves played and butted their heads, he preferred to sit beneath his favorite tree. Once he grows older the festival is looking for the perfect bull to fight in the bull rings, the toughest and angriest of them all for the matador and due to an incident Ferdinand is picked. Ferdinand’s character is gentle and calm, but being a bull he’s also big and strong, you come to love Ferdinand. This book is perfect for the parent who wants to teach his kid (especially boys) that being kind doesn’t make you a weaker gender. Whoever said men should be fighting bulls, showing off to their buddies was a perfect man doesn’t know what a man should be, because we should even admire those who like Ferdinand prefer to sit down under a tree and smell the flowers.

Recommend: The the young boys trying to to fit in, and not knowing that being different is okay as well.


Image2. The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein writes the funniest poems, but the Giving Tree isn’t a poem of his, but a story of a tree and a boy. Before writing this review The story is about a tree who becomes friends with a boy when he is young, the boy swings on her branches and spends the day with her till he grows older. I love the devotion the tree had to see the boy happy even if it meant sacrificing her fruits she carried, and her own self. This book is a heart warming book, and it’s really up to the reader to find the moral in story.

Recommended: The child that needs to learn appreciation and it’s a heart warming book to read aloud to the family.



3.  Miss Nelson Is Missing by Harry Allard

This book is the story of a the class in room 207 and their teacher Miss Nelson. Miss Nelson is kind teacher who does not have much control over her misbehaving students. She comes up with a plan to teach the class a lesson and she returns the next day as another person Ms. Viola Swamp. Ms. Viola Swamp was a mean and strict teacher, and the children are scared of her, they can’t imagine having her as a teacher and are desperate to get Miss. Nelson back, wishing they never took advantage of Miss Nelson kindness.

Recommended: For the kids who misbehaves in class and it’s just a fun read for the classroom and family too.

ClickClackMoo34. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type By Doreen Cronin

It’s a first read for those political parents who want their children to understand the ways of law early. I adore Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type because it tells the story of the workers union going against the big men in the business. The cows are demanding electric blankets from farmer Brown, and if they get no blankets they refuse to give milk. The hens join in and also demand electric blankets and if they don’t get any they will give no eggs. At the end the farmer and the cows agree that they will trade in their typewriter for electric blankets, and they send this all with the duck who’s in the neutral party. The duck however keeps the type writer and gives his own set of complaints to farmer Brown.

Recommended: To the kids who will become future law students or politicians.




5. The Very Crank Bear by Nick Bland

The book tells the story of 4 friends who are looking for a place to play (Lion, Sheep, Moose, and Zebra) when they decide to play in the cave of a very cranky bear. Lion, Moose and Zebra try to make the bear uncranky by adding some features that they believe make them very happy to have, while the sheep just stands and watches. In the end the most unexpected character saves the day.


Recommended: For a fun read aloud or those who want to teach their kids the meaning of friendship.


Hope you guys like these 5 selection, their should be more up soon for those in need of children books!





Gone Girl REVIEW by Gillian Flynn (The Reason You Shouldn’t Mess With Woman).



What do you do when you’re wife disappears and all the evidence makes you the prime suspect?

*This review will contain spoilers and cussing towards the end, so I suggest you stop by the warning*

I picked up Gone Girl because it didn’t take long before this book soared up as a best seller, I swear everybody on goodreads was reading this and their mothers. A phycological thriller focusing around a 5 year marriage between Nick and Amy Dunne, written by Gillian Flynn. The summary of the book sounded gripping, Amy disappears during the 5th anniversary of her marriage, and all the evidence points to Nick, her husband who is the owner of “The Bar” a family owned business and who’s marriage is secretly falling apart.

Amy Dunne, you are badass. You’re a bit of a crazy bitch, but you are one badass woman, I couldn’t decide wether I liked Amy’s character or she disgusted me. Nick Dunne, I loathed you because you were a terrible husband, but I felt bad for you. But lets just talk about the toxic relationship between Amy and Nick and how this romanced flourished, and then was left as a murder scene. Amy and Nick meet at a writers party, Amy writes girl quizzes for a magazine, and Nick is a writers who’s loosing his job to the modern use of technology so he is laid off. This is the reason why writers can’t date, I always said this, Writers can’t click because they’re mentally self absorbed, and when you and your partner are both individually egoistic it suffocates the possibilities of a stable relationship, because you will never understand each other.

Amy lived her whole life being the center of attention, her parents have made a fortune out of their best seller Amy Series, about a fictional girl who was inspired by Amy herself, however the Amy in the books does correct choices, the Amy in real life hates being her the idea investing into her parents wallets. Amy has lived a lavishing life style in New York City, and Nick has lived a suburban middle class life style in Missouri before moving to New York. Nick is also close to his twin sister Margo, before and after his mothers death which is the reason Nick takes his wife Amy (who never plans to leave the comfort of her City) and moves him to his town of Missouri without even asking or considering how Amy would take it. Amy however takes it quite well, she spends the last days taking care of Nick’s mom, and looking over Nick’s father, who in his eyes a woman and a man are not equal. He has been send to a nursing home, because Nick and Margo were never really able to forgive him for how he treated their mother.

On their 5th anniversary, Nick and Amy have an argument the night before. Amy however wakes up the next morning with a pleasant greeting for her husband during breakfast, before he sets off to go to work. Nick leaves Amy in the kitchen and heads off to “The Bar” which he manage to buy with Amy’s reminding trust funds, so therefore it’s technically Amy’s bar (Yes, I hate Nick). Upon getting to the bar and serving himself a drink, he receives a call from a neighbor letting him know his cat is sitting outside his house with the door wide open, now this is strange because Amy would never allow the cat outside, thinking he can run away or get himself into an accident. When Nick gets home, Amy is gone and all that is left is a house set up to look like a kidnap, and not only that a murder scene.


In order to understand the crime scene, you have to understand Nick and Amy. Nick and Amy are the opposites that attracted under heavy circumstances of loneliness. Once Amy disappears, it’s normal that a husband should morn and feel emotional, and take action to find his wife, however Nick does not look the least concern to know where Amy is, because Nick is no longer in love with Amy. However we’re also learning about the past tense of the relationship throughout a couple of Amy’s diary entries, in them she writes about how she fell in love with Nick, why she was happy living with Nick, but how he through a number of aggressive tantrums unexpectedly. We also start to learn little details, such as Amy trying to buy a gun because she felt she needed to defend herself, and the pregnancy test that concluded she was having a baby, Amy always wanted a baby although she was told she was most likely never going to be able to have children, Nick however has never really shown any interest in being a father.

A tradition of Amy’s is that every anniversary she sets up certain clues for Nick, in order to get to his present, due to these clues Nick starts to unfold the crime, and it’s obvious that Amy is framing her loving husband, for what reason? For being a cheater. But how can Nick come to show he is not the criminal, he would have to admit to the whole neighborhood that he’s been unfaithful to his loving wife.  As Nick begins to try to prove himself not guilty, he can’t help but feel as if the only way out is to let out some secrets of his own. Meanwhile Amy has gotten her money stolen she had saved up and she decides to take refugee with her ex boyfriend Desi Collings who’s spend his entire life obsessing over Amy. So we start feeling for Amy, because she’s a good woman who needs to teach Nick a lesson, till we also learn that Amy has a dark side to her character where if something doesn’t happen the way she likes it, she seeks revenge. She did it with a man who had no interest with her, with her previous high school friend, and now Nick, meaning Desi himself is in danger.

I really feel as if Amy’s character is an insecure woman who needs the attention on her, however I find her a lot more evil then Nick. I did not like Nick’s character because although he’s more innocent then Amy, he’s not very honest even when the time comes around that he must come clean and that just got me so pissed off. I can take Amy’s evil plans and manipulations, I can understand her. But Nick? Nick needed to grow a pair.

This book was well written, I’m looking forward to reading the other best seller by Gillan Flynn because I was hooked on this book, and the ending was intense. I loved the last line, the last part just summed up the whole story in one moment.


I’m back.

This girl has been going through some up’s and down’s as I’ve let you guys know in my previous post. But I am back, and more ready and anticipated then ever to be dedicated to giving you guys some wonderful book reviews, and reptile information.  It’s also April, which means it’s national poetry month so i’ll be writing a poem everyday for the next 30 days, you guys know i’m a poet, a writer, a reader, an explorer so this should be a good month. The rain should start pouring, meaning more time to sit and ready some books with a cozy cup of tea. I look happy in this picture, lets try to keep it that way for now. 




Whether you are a bully or have been bullied: WONDER by R.J Palacio Book REVIEW!

Don’t judge a boy by his face, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


I want to express myself, but I can’t. Wonder brings out this emotional side of me that no other book has done recently, not only is it beautifully written for those in middle grade, but it comes with so much courage and overcoming of fear, you can’t help but want to hold August, and Summer, and Jack, and Via, and August’s parents, and even Mr. Toshman.

The story is about a boy name August Pullman ( We will know him as Auggie ) and he lives with his mom, dad and his sister named Olivia (We will know her as Via), as well as their senior dog named daisy. He’s been home school his whole lifetime until he begins 5th grade. Auggie has some enetic condition which resulted in his face to looking deformed with his eyes an inch below where they should normally be, his skin looks like it’s melting, he eats like a tortoise because has a very big and over proportional jaw, and he has cauliflower ears, if he even has any. He gets looked at when he walks through his neighborhood, and the first reaction you get when you see of August is a frighting one, and you can’t help but push your children away (And yes some parents are that heartless). His parents have been over protective over their son, and have been home schooling him, keeping him at a close distance so that no one hurts him, but Auggie knows that he isn’t a normal boy, even though he really wants to be.

Once 5th grade comes around and Auggie isn’t visiting surgical doctors (or the doctors in general) and middle school is about to start his parents decide to enroll him in a very good school, especially since he won’t be the only new kid. Auggie is scared to go to school, he knows people will stare at him, and he’s worried no one will want to be his friend. Meanwhile Olivia will be starting high school in a new school as well.


The best part of this book that it’s told in different perspectives, and you come to love everyone of the characters and hate others ( none of the bad characters have perspectives in the book). I loved this book because I can relate to Auggie, I was a small child going through a number of surgeries, constantly getting bullied maybe not for my physical being, but for who I was. Maybe I was bullied for my physical being but who knows, I was never told. I thought that Auggie was lucky to have so many people around him, even if he could count them on his fingers. This book teaches children, respect, friendship, and courage. You start to notice that in Auggie’s world, the people who are in it also face some challenges.

You notice that Summer and Jack who befriend August have difficulties standing up to the rest of middle school for August and themselves. Especially when the kids in this school decide to start up a trend called “The Plague” in where anyone who touches August has cooties and must wash their hands in 30 seconds before they catch it. Theirs also parts in which Jack and Summer are bribed by offering spots in the popular group if they ditch August, and Jack and Summer must refused not only to be part of the cool kids, but also to be liked by the student body in general.

You also see the problems Olivia faces, having to share her parents with her little brother who always needs more attention. In Olivia’s world, everything and everyone has always been there for August, but no one has ever been there for her. She’s starting High School, and she also wants a regular life, she doesn’t want to be known for her face deformed brother, you can say Olivia’s point of view sort of starts out selfish, but I understand that a kid needs his parents around, and it’s kind of hard to get their attention when your brothers problems are always a little bit more “bigger” then your own. You also get to know Olivia’s boyfriend point of view, which I thought was rather sweet, and her old best friend, Miranda who was always a friend of the families.

I would love to go into more detail, but I don’t really want to ruin this book for you. It’s great, and if you have children or anyone that really matters with situations in which they feel different and unloved, pick this book up and understand them, let them know their is someone out there. That in order to be normal you don’t have to look a certain way or be of a certain status, and you really need to do is have a big heart.

It’s about to be another ten days and I still haven’t posted.

Wow, I’m letting this get to me.

I need to write on this blog more! I haven’t read at all, i’ve been skipping from book to book and I can’t keep myself on one book. I will now force myself to read for my cousins sake. I am going to start writing a middle grade list for my cousin who is in the fifth grade because he doesn’t like to read as much, and his mother has asked me to tutor him and read books with him. I will be updating reviews that I hope help some teachers or mom’s picked out a good book for their children or students.





I haven’t posted in 10 days so here’s a sincere apology and more.

Hey Guys,

I haven’t updated by blog in ten days and I am sorry for not keeping up like I said I would. I have also been slacking on my book resolution (read 100 books by the end of the year) even if goodreads say’s I am on the right track, but so far i’ve only finished two books in the month of February, which I will be putting a review up as soon as I feel that I can put them up without feeling like it’s a load of work. I also have decided to move away from the novels and the YA, and all the fictional stuff. I want to move into some more interesting topics that I have felt are a bit complicated for me to tackle, so you’ll be seeing a lot of book reviews on science and mathematics. I will also be finding some more books for those who are into fiction, I won’t stop reading them, i’m just going to not give them so much focus.

I recently went to this beautiful bookstore near my house and also near the closest B&N but i prefer it a lot more. They have all these antique and beautiful books, shelved everywhere. I am a huge believer that books shouldn’t have any certain order when it comes to the years they were published, the older the better. The smell of a new book is wonderful, but the feeling of an old book in your hands is a lot better. This bookstore is run by a couple of folks and back in my YA years, I loved to be in that atmosphere. The feeling hasn’t changed. The picture below is how my cute little book store looks. I adore this freaken place.


For my reptile lovers, I have been scavenging for reptile books to share on the page. I will be getting back to you on those. I also am happy that spring is coming right around the corner which means their will be time to explore the great outdoors and record some of my field work here. I am also excited to find new topics for us to talk about, because after all this is a friendly reptile blog to help you educate yourself, or if you have a fear of reptiles, help you overcome it. That is always my goal with people! 

Now here’s my sincere apology to you guys on why I haven’t been posting (10 days). The truth is I suffer from Chronic Depression or it’s also known as Dysthymia and it’s basically when you’ve suffered from depression for a long period of time, and it’s just lingering their for a while and would need treatment (such as medication or therapeutical help) but even then it’s hard to overcome. I am not a fan of taking medications that can also cause worse symptoms, and i’ve left my therapy due to personal reasons but I am in search of one now because I can no longer deal with it.  Dysthymia normally starts in your childhood and follows you throughout your adulthood, in my case i’ve had it says I was 11.

Here’s what the WebMD has to say about Dysthymia:


What Causes Dysthymia?

Experts are not sure what causes dysthymia or depression. Genes may play a role, but many affected people will not have a family history of depression, and others with family history will not have depression problems. Changes in levels of brain chemicals are also believed to be involved. Major life stressors, chronic illness, medications, and relationship or work problems may also increase the chances of dysthymia.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Dysthymia?

The symptoms of dysthymia are the same as those of major depression but not as intense and include the following:

  • sadness or depressed mood most of the day or almost every day
  • loss of enjoyment in things that were once pleasurable
  • major change in weight (gain or loss of more than 5% of weight within a month) or appetite 
  • insomnia or excessive sleep almost every day
  • physically restless or rundown that is noticeable by others
  • fatigue or loss of energy almost every day
  • feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness or excessive guilt almost every day
  • problems with concentration or making decisions almost every day
  • recurring thoughts of death or suicide, suicide plan, or suicide attempt

Living with Dysthymia isn’t easy, and therefore I get into these moods where I can’t do what I love, I have no energy to do anything. So i am very sorry for not writing to you guys, I should really do it. It makes me feel a lot better. I also enjoy the idea of opening up to you guys about these things, since I’ve recently felt very alone and felt that i can’t open up to anybody. 

Should I post a slam poem every now and then? I like that idea. Lets make this a blog about books, reptiles, and poetry. I can’t stay away from poetry, but here’s a great poem.

The Slammed Series: Slammed & Point Of Retreat and Why It’s A Poetic Romance.


A slam is not a form of poetry, that’s spoken word. A slam is not when you recite poems for fun, that’s an open mic. A slam is a spoken word poetry competition, so before I read another reviewer call these poems “Slam Poems” I have to write that because I really adore the word “Spoken Word” It describes what we do, we recite the words we put are emotions into, and he hope you feel it when we speak it. The word “Spoken Word” gives a voice to your inner self just by calling it that. It bothers me that it is not seen as such, I am a fan of Spoken Word, that’s the reason I picked up this book. As I said I prefer the word “Spoken Word” because it’s the nicest, realistic description for what goes up on that stage.  It did bother me to learn that Colleen Hoover never recited or has done any Spoken Word poetry in her life, because I also think she didn’t capture it very well. I read the first and second part of the series, but I bet she didn’t do so bad either because of course I was such a big fan of this book, I read them both in the amount of 24 hours.

The poems in this book weren’t so good but they weren’t so bad either. Hoovers used to them to show the emotions the character was feeling, and part of me felt sort of offended that Hoover made us “Spoken Word” poets look emotionally desperate, and it sounded like we only used specific objects to complain about ourselves and describe the shit out of our pathetic lives.  The only poem I admit i was fond of was this poem recited by Will:

I use to love the ocean everything about her,
Her coral reefs, her white caps, her roaring waves,
The Rocks they lap, her pirate legends, and mermaid tails,
treasures lost and treasures held.
And ALL of her fishes,
in the sea.
Yes, I use to love the ocean,
everything about her.
The way she would me to sleep as I lay in my bed,
then wake me up with a force,
That I soon came to dread.
Her fables, her lies, her misleading eyes,
I’d drain her dry,
If I cared enough to.
I use to love the ocean, everything about her.
Her coral reefs, her white caps, her roaring waves.
The rocks they lap, her pirate legends, and mermaid tails.
Treasures lost and treasures held.
And ALL of her fishes in the sea.
Well, if you’ve ever tried navigating your sailboat,
through her stormy seas,
You would realize that her white caps,
Are your enemies.
If you ever tried swimming ashore when your leg gets a cramp
and you just had a huge meal of in-n-out burgers that that weight you down.
and her roaring waves are knocking the wind out of you,
filling your lungs with water as you flair your arms trying to get someones attention.
But your friends just wave back at you?
And if you’ve ever grown up with dreams in your head about life,
and how one of these days you would pirate your own ship,
and have your own crew and that all of the mermaids,
would love only you?
Well you would realize, like I eventually realized.
That all the good things about her?
All the beautiful?
it’s not real it’s fake.
So you keep your ocean,
i’ll take the lake.

The story however was a good story! The story is about 18 year old Layken who moves from Texas to Michigan with her 9 year old brother Kel and her mother after her father dies from a sudden heart attack, and her mother can’t pay her the house anymore. Her neighbor who lives right in front is Will Cooper, a 21 year old boy with his 9 year old brother Caulder. Kel and Caulder become the best of friends, and a week before Layken starts school her and Will develop this very sudden romance. Will takes her out on this very cute date where he packs two grill cheeses and two soda’s, and they arrive at the “Slam” taking place in a club that gets rented out for this special occasions on thursday. Once Layken (Also known was Lake) enters cool she is faced with some very hard truth, Will Cooper, is Mr. Cooper and he is the poetry teacher in her high school. This is both difficult for Layken and Will because their obviously very in love with each other, and Will is working in order to keep him and Caulder in good conditions and he’s not willing to risk his job. At the same time Layken is facing her own problems at home, with Will being the good and bad of the rest of her problems.

Slammed plays off like any YA novel, and the series is very addicting. I recommend it to anyone it teaches you that death is really a push to fighting life when it hits you. Slam the crap out of the walls the life forms around you. You see this in other characters such as Lake’s mother, Lakes best friend, Eddie, and Eddies boyfriend Gavin.The second book is told in Will’s POV, while the first one is in Lakes POV. It’s sort of nice to see it from Will’s because most of the time in romance YA the boy doesn’t really get a chance to tell his side of his love story. In this story Will and Lake are both raising their brothers while still being in love, they have both enrolled into college, and they have both received a new  neighbor named Kirsten and her mother who is a very easy going mother who loves Will and Lake, and is always trying to help out their relationship.  Kirsten is allowed to curse, but most of the time she says “butterfly” to cover it up just because she thinks cursing doesn’t exist but is something humans made up. A word can’t really be bad, unless a person makes it bad. Kirsten is really a refreshing character, she is 11 years old just like Kel and Caulder, and she is humorous and very intelligent for age. Eddie is now pregnant, and Gavin doesn’t know how to cope with the idea of having a baby. Will however faces the problem that Vaughn his ex-girlfriend has found out how stupid she was to let go of such a good guy that now she wants to restart their relationship, she tries to convince Will that the only reason that he sticks around Layken is because she’s facing the same problems as him.

Of course like any relationship when Layken realizes that Will has been attending school with Vaughn  and she suddenly ends up in his house to talk to him, and Lake walk in on Will trying to console Vaughn, she gets pissed. Come on, who wouldn’t get pissed? So Layken starts questioning her relationship with Will, and Will goes through everything to try and show Lake how special she is to him even if that means taking out the battery of her car.

This book teaches you about love, love for your other half, your family, you friends. The fact you can find a little flame in the darkest moments of your life, when everything is being thrown at you. This book is for those in need of a happy story.


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